Suchfunktion für semantisch ähnliche Titel von TV-Formaten bei TVNOW


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Carsten Mönning: What sort of products or projects you very specific very NLP driven product you currently can give us a little bit of insight maybe?
Marc Egger: I can give you an example of a system which we developed and which is in production now and I can tell you something of the journey from idea to production. This is the search engine that is found on tv now, our VOD service, and this search engine is special in this scene that it also tries to find semantically similar content, for example if someone does not know if a certain format is listed on the tv platform. For example one might search for Germanys Next Top model which is a format that is a Pro7Sat.1 and our search engine we developed tries to find out something we call embedding of this format and finds the most similar formats we have so it tries to convince someone who looks something that is not listed on TV Now tries the one to convince them „hey here is something similar“. We don´t have that exact sort of format but we have this one here. [19:00-20:32]
To sum up it is a semantic search engine which tries to find similar content if the content is not listed on TV Now or if the user describes a curtain search query where you cannot do a simple keyword match or near key word match. [21:38-22:08]
The search engine is now in production. [24:22-22:26]


Mönning, Carsten; Koring, Markus (Moderierende) (23.06.2020): AI Testimonials #4 – Marc Egger: End-to-end NLP data products for the TV business [Audio-Podcast]. In: AI Expert Group Podcast. Online verfügbar unter, zuletzt geprüft am 04.11.2020, Min. 19:00-20:32, 21:38-22:08, 24:22-22:26.