Transkribieren von Videoinhalten der Mediathek zur erleichterten Empfehlung von Videoszenen durch Rezipierende in Social Media



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SWR und Fraunhofer IAIS



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We describe a novel system which simplifies recommendation of video scenes in social networks, thereby attracting a new audience for existing video portals. Users can select interesting quotes from a speech recognition transcript, and share the corresponding video scene with their social circle with minimal effort. The system has been designed inclose cooperation with the largest German public broadcaster(ARD), and was deployed at the broadcaster’s public videoportal.
At the time of writing, the system has been in productive use for several months. An important next step is to collectand analyze the usage statistics in order to evaluate the impactof the social recommendation, and quantify to which extentsocially recommended scenes attract more users. S. 4


Schneider, Daniel; Tschopel, Sebastian; Schwenninger, Jochen (2012): Social recommendation using speech recognition: Sharing TV scenes in social networks. In: 13th International Workshop 2012, S. 1-4. DOI: 10.1109/WIAMIS.2012.6226755. Online verfügbar unter, zuletzt geprüft am 27.11.2020, S. 1, 4.