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Elivs DAM, jetzt WoodWing Assets von WoodWing



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AI-powered Elvis DAM unveils hidden content treasures and reduces production costs.
Elvis DAM is powerful and scalable digital asset management software. It’s trusted by world renowned publishers like TIME inc, Hearst and Bauer Media. Elvis helps them to create digital image content faster, and at the same time manage their fast-growing digital archives.

Today we are having a look what happens if you combine best of both world. A powerful DAM to organize, search and archive your valuable digital assets. Combined with AI-powerd visual recognition for auto tagging you existing archives as well as the flow of newly incoming images. [03:45-04:02]


Wood Wing (o. J.): How Artificial Intelligence brings value to your existing archives. Online verfügbar unter, zuletzt geprüft am 29.11.2020, Min. 03:45-04:02.