Vorhersage der Performance neu entwickelter TV-Formate


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Carsten Mönning: You develop products AI and ML driven products which help sell the RTL offerings and services to the consumer but could you give us a little bit more inside what these projects are you are working on this domain and which you already have in production maybe or which are currently in the pipeline? [6:50-7:07]
Marc Egger: We have in this feasability stage I can give you some example where we are on a pretty early stage for technology push products would be one example a product where we investigate who can we greenlight tv formats by analysing scripts. Not only TV formats, but also show concepts. Basically we are looking into every movie script, every tv script over the last decade and every tv show format concepts that was written down by someone and respective performance measures of that format or the show, for example the reach and then we try to find signals within the data within the script data and so on which we extract there that hint to the performance indicators. That is more on the earlier stage products […] This was more technology push.


Mönning, Carsten; Koring, Markus (Moderierende) (23.06.2020): AI Testimonials #4 – Marc Egger: End-to-end NLP data products for the TV business [Audio-Podcast]. In: AI Expert Group Podcast. Online verfügbar unter https://audionow.de/podcast/ai-expert-group-podcast, zuletzt geprüft am 04.11.2020, Min. 6:50-7:07, 9:42-10:35.