360°-YouTube Video “Annabelle: Creation VR Bee’s Room” basierend auf dem Film Annabelle. VR-Erlebnis, bei dem der Benutzer im Spukzimmer eines Kindes mit Annabelle gefangen ist.


Warner Bros.

(Technologie-) Partner

New Line Cinema



Relevante Passage:

Play hide and seek with Annabelle in the new #AnnabelleCreation VR immersive experience

Warner Bros Pictures and New Line Cinema bring you a cinematic paranormal VR experience with Annabelle: Creation VR — Bee’s Room created by Pasadena-based creative agency SunnyBoy Entertainment. The VR places you in the haunted bedroom of a child, where you are trapped in a game of hide-and-seek with Annabelle. The room comes alive as you move through it, while a possessed demon hunts you from all corners. There is no escape as you are compelled to face your greatest fears.