App “Virtual Brainload” mit der man in virtuelle Welten, bestehend aus Farben und Formen, eintauchen kann.


Adult Swim

(Technologie-) Partner




Relevante Passage:

Adult Swim, the cable network known for animation, comedy and general oddness, is leaping headfirst into virtual reality by launching its Virtual Brainload app on Tuesday available for free download on Google Play. Although Adult Swim has released mobile apps in the past, Virtual Brainload is the network’s first foray into the VR space.

WEVR has today announced a partnership with Adult Swim for the release of their inaugural virtual reality (VR) VR experience, The Virtual Brainload, now available to download via Google Play. As is typical for many Adult Swim mobile applications, The Virtual Brainload is a free download for all users. Maintaining the irreverent humour that the television broadcaster has become famous for, Adult Swim’s The Virtual Brainload asks players to look directly into ‘the backside of reality’. Players will be taken on a non-interactive journey through a variety of decidedly odd environments and locals.

Adult Swim is reaching beyond the television screen to invite fans to immerse themselves in a bodiless journey of the mind with a virtual reality experience unlike anything else in the marketplace. Developed in partnership with WEVR, The Virtual Brainload takes viewers on a visual and sonic trip through outer space.