AR-Anwendung in Form einer Hundetraining-App für Hundebesitzer.  


Outfront Media

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OUTFRONT Media Inc. (NYSE: OUT) announced today a campaign for Dogology, Inc., a New York city based virtual dog training startup, that showcases the ability to use augmented reality  in out-of-home campaigns, along  with out-of-home and mobile advertising creative developed by OUTFRONT’s in-house creative boutique, OUTFRONT Studios.

Outfront Media Inc. launched in February 2020 an augmented reality DOOH Valentine’s Day campaign in the United States. QR codes can be scanned by customers on smaller Digital OOH assets or they can visit a URL on larger displays and access an AR filter in Instagram stories. Next, they can scan the display with a heart QR code to see a special Valentine’s Day message.
After seeing the messages, they can then tag friends in the message and post their story to the “Share Love” tag.

Between December 25, 2017 and January 12, 2018, OUTFRONT’s out-of-home displays and the OUTFRONT Mobile Network prompted consumers in New York and Atlanta to download Dogology’s mobile app on the company’s website. Once downloaded, the Dogology mobile app invited users to engage with nearby sidewalk art, billboard or subway creative, which prompted in-app augmented reality dogs to interact with users and lead them to Dogology’s website where they could learn about science-based dog or puppy training and book virtual training appointments with Dogology.

Online dog training startup Dogology has launched a campaign promoting its mobile app that uses augmented reality to bring out-of-home advertising to life, and give consumers a glimpse of its user experience.
Working with mobile and out-of-home specialists Outfront Media, the company deployed out-of-home displays in New York and Atlanta, promoting its mobile app. Once downloaded, users could interact with nearby sidewalk art, billboards or subway creative to generate in-app AR dogs which could then be interacted with.