AR Beauty -Filter zum Film „Sherlock Gnomes“.


Paramount Pictures

(Technologie-) Partner




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Paramount Pictures is promoting the March 23 release of the animated movie “Sherlock Gnomes” with an augmented reality (AR) beauty experience on mobile devices, per a statement. The AR features are available in Perfect’s YouCam Makeup, YouCam Fun and YouCam Perfect apps. YouCam Live star Merry Robertson of MakeupbyMerry created two looks inspired by movie characters Juliet and Nanette. The apps have animated filters that bring the Gnomes to life, and users can decorate selfies with movie-inspired frames and collages to share on social media. The apps also let fans shop for curated makeup kits for delivery so they can recreate the looks. YouCam Makeup, YouCam Fun and YouCam Perfect are free to download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.