AR-Erlebnis zu den olympischen Spielen 2021 in Tokio: Benutzer:innen können Details zu den zwei olympischen Sportarten “Skateboarden” und “Bouldern” erfahren.


USA Today (Gannett Co.)

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Relevante Passage:
Throughout the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, fans watching from the comfort of their home will be able to leverage augmented-reality activations to immerse themselves in the televised action. On the USA Today app, new AR experiences will be available to learn the details on two Olympic sports and its athletes.
The first, narrated by American Professional Skateboarder Tom Schaar, includes a full tour of the Games’ skateboarding course, simulations of various skateboarding tricks, and an in-depth look at his skateboarding career.
The second, narrated by Schaar and Team USA Olympic Climber Krya Condie, offers an up-close look at her favorite discipline – bouldering — and guides users through essential points of interest on a bouldering wall, scoring, and different holds. Additionally, users will have insight into Condie’s thought process on how she tackles each wall, simultaneously viewing videos of her impressive performances.