AR „Screen Up“-App für Kinder, welche verschiedene Sachen während der Live-Ausstrahlung des Programms anzeigt. 



(Technologie-) Partner

The Mill



Relevante Passage:

Nickelodeon is launching an augmented-reality app that will let kids see slime, SpongeBob, blimps and other effects specially timed with programming.
The free Screens Up app, which launches for iOS and Android on Tuesday, will add slime and special effects to Friday’s Kids Choice Sports awards show. During the broadcast, which starts at 8 p.m. local time, kids will be prompted by their TVs to use the app.

We designed and built the Augmented Reality portion of Screens Up which involved the teams designing the games and interactions, mapping out the UX journeys, creating concept art, building 2D/3D assets and motion graphics, designing the app architecture and finally writing the code that ties everything together.