“Attica: A prison uprising 50 years later” ist ein interaktives Augmented Reality Erlebnis zum Gedenken an den 50. Jahrestag des historischen Attica-Gefängnisaufstandes. Leser:innen können hierbei in die Zeitachse der Rückeroberung eintauchen.


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On Sept. 8, a unique USA Today Augmented Reality experience will immerse readers into the timeline of the retaking of the facility. […] Viewers will be able to hear the voices of those who were there and navigate to key moments from the fateful day with context from experts. And, in newly uncovered audio tapes, the first moments of the uprising will be heard for the first time in 50 years in recordings of emergency services scanner traffic as operators start receiving calls from the facility and begin to piece together the unfolding events.