Batman-MR-Erfahrung auf der MWC19 in Barcelona (Tech Event). Batman kämpft gegen seinen Gegner Scarecrow.


DC Comics

(Technologie-) Partner

Warner Bros., AT&T, Intel, Ericsson



Relevante Passage:

The upcoming MWC19 in Barcelona will evidently be a treat for DC Comics’ fans, as they will be able to witness Batman in action and fighting his nemesis The Scarecrow in mixed reality (MR). The demonstration, which is a joint work between AT&T, Ericsson, Intel, Warner Bros., and DC, is a combination of VR and AR, coupled with 5G technology and edge computing. This show will run on a fully integrated 5G network, which is powered by Ericsson Radio Base Stations and enabled by Intel 5G Mobile Trial Platform and Intel Xeon Scalable processors.