Bell Media und iHeart Media wollen eine Reihe von Virtual Reality Musikerlebnissen schaffen, die Künstler, Musikfans, Marken und Sponsoren miteinander verbinden sollen.


Bell Media

(Technologie-) Partner

iHeart Media



Relevante Passage:
[…] MBW broke the story, reporting from CES that Universal Music Group (UMG) has partnered with iHeartMedia to create a series of virtual reality (VR) music experiences designed to ‘connect artists, music fans and brands and sponsors’. Full shows from four individual UMG artists will be shot and distributed in VR later this year at the iHeartRadio VR Concert Series held at the iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles, with dates to be announced.
According to MBW, many tech experts believe 2016 will see the mainstream maturation of VR headsets, which last saw popularity in the mid-’90s when video game giants released primitive arcade devices such as Sega’s VR-1.