Das AR-Projekt “Perseverance: Explore as one” führt Benutzer durch die Technologie und Funktionen des Rovers, der zur Erkennung von Lebenszeichen auf dem Mars verwendet wird.


USA Today (Gannett Co.)

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Smithsonian Channel



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To mark NASA’s Mars Rover landing, USA TODAY is bringing its latest augmented reality project, “Perseverance: Explore as one,” to more local audiences and is now available in USA TODAY and 13 local news apps. […] USA TODAY’s Emerging Tech team set out to bringing audiences additional information on the rover in an interactive format and allows a user to simulate the rover’s descent to Mars’ surface, known as the “seven minutes of terror.” Narrated by Florida Today’s space reporter Emre Kelly, the interactive guides users through the rover’s features and technology that will be used to detect signs of life on Mars.