DC Comics in VR lesen mit der Madfire Oculus App.


DC Comics

(Technologie-) Partner

Madfire, Oculus



Relevante Passage:

Madefire, a digital comic book app company, recently announced the launch of a new preview app that brings select issues to Oculus and Samsung’s Gear VR. The free experience will offer some heavyweight titles, including DC Comics’ Injustice: Year One, based on the recent video game, and Revolution, a new comic book universe that includes classic franchises like Transformers and G.I. Joe. […] Using Gear VR, Madefire is expanding on its own Motion Books concept, which presents a new way to read comics by presenting one panel after another in a linear and cinematic fashion and animating the drawings inside of them. Inside the headset, this idea goes further, with depth added to the panels and an immersive 360-degree environment surrounding the reader.