Die AR-App “321 LAUNCH” ermöglicht es Benutzer:innen eine Falcon 9 Rakete zu bauen und den Start zu simulieren.


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The free 321 LAUNCH app, fuses traditional Space Coast rocket launch coverage with augmented reality, or the overlaying of digital objects onto the real world. […] The first section of the app is an educational experience that runs through the pre-launch procedures and allows you to build a Falcon 9, drag it out to Launch Complex 40, learn about the hardware and launch it on a mission to the International Space Station. After liftoff, the experience shifts focus to landing the booster of the rocket back at Cape Canaveral.
The second – and the core component – of 321 LAUNCH is a live experience that will only occur on launch days. You’ll be able to follow live as SpaceX teams count down to launch