Grupo Televisa hat sich mit WASP3D zusammengetan, um beeindruckende Grafiken der Mannschaftsaufstellungen zu präsentieren und den WM-Fans auf der ganzen Welt eine Analyse vor und nach dem Spiel zu bieten.


Grupo Televisa

(Technologie-) Partner




Relevante Passage:

Grupo Televisa, the Mexican mass multimedia company, joined forces with WASP3D to showcase impressive graphics of team line-ups and brought the ultimate pre and post-match analytics to the world cup fans across the globe. […] Televisa’s anchor (Mr. Marc Crossas) at the studio had tactical analysis capabilities, through an Ipad to trigger augmented reality graphics He had the freedom to control and move players on a soccer pitch (on the studio floor) as an augmented scene. Motion Capture sequences resembling actual player movements were dynamically applied as behaviors on 3D models. The life-like simulated graphics engaged the viewers and provided them with a superlative soccer experience. […] Televisa had rights to the World Cup and used it to highlight the maturity of augmented reality graphics as a tool to drive a highly interactive narrative.