Harvest of Change: Immersiver VR-Rundgang durch eine Familienfarm im Südwesten von Iowa als Teil eines Sonderberichts über die Landwirtschaft in Iowa. Mit dem VR-Headset “Oculus Rift” können Benutzer:innen den landwirtschaftlichen Aktivitäten zusehen.


USA Today (Gannett Co.)

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Des Moines Register



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Part of a Register special report on Iowa agriculture, the company’s first virtual reality presentation is a 3-D immersive walking tour of a southwest Iowa family farm. Headset-clad users can watch a tractor being repaired, tag along as a child walks a baby calf, and see a variety of other farm activities depicted in computer animation, videos, and photographs. […] Gelman says Gannett spent less than $50,000 on the project, which included recording 360-degree video at the farm, preparing editorial content, and rendering the presentation in a software engine called Unity. The finished product borrows heavily from the aesthetic of games, with spinning icons that users can click to reveal new items to explore.