“In the Kitchen” App Augmented Reality Feature


Food Network

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Food Network has added an augmented reality experience to its cooking app “In the Kitchen,” available on Android. The new feature allows over 100 million Android users to build and decorate their own virtual cupcakes within their surroundings.

In September 2017, “In the Kitchen” added an augmented reality experience, exclusively for the iPhone and iPad. Users can now create and decorate virtual cupcakes in their everyday surroundings and experiment with swoops of frosting or a blanket of ganache, some sugar, sprinkles, confetti and even more. The new AR features allow users to share their creation on social and messaging apps and provides recipe inspirations based on what they’ve designed.

Der amerikanische Food-Sender “The Food Network” schuf außerdem eine ARKit-App, mit der man virtuelle Nahrungsmittel auf Teller bringen kann.

For iPhones and iPads, the Food Network will let you add frosting and sprinkles to virtual cupcakes.

The Food Network is developing a range of apps for augmented reality, and showed off a cupcake maker allowing people to virtually design their cakes, then see the recipe and ingredient list they need – s well as being able to send the virtual cupcake to their friends.