Interaktiver AR True Crime Podcast “Accused”: Es wird ein AR-Modell des Tatorts auf einer ebenen Fläche platziert, auf dem Benutzer:innen Elemente in der Szene auswählen können.


USA Today (Gannett Co.)

(Technologie-) Partner



Relevante Passage:

Accused is a special project of Gannett’s Cincinnati Enquirer (part of the USA TODAY Network). Each season of the podcast, currently in its fourth season, is a deep dive into a true crime case with host Amber Hunt and her team. […] When users access the experience through the USA TODAY app, they place an AR model of the crime scene on a flat surface in their physical environment. From there, users can select elements in the scene to explore images, audio, and text annotations. They can also choose to skip audio or go to the full podcast.