iQIYI, Together With Peking University and Microsoft Research, Unveils Innovative 360-Degree VR Panoramic Video Solution Accepted by IEEE TMC


iQiyi (Baidu Inc.)

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iQIYI, an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, together with Peking University and Microsoft Research, jointly published a paper on EPASS360, a newly-developed panoramic video streaming media system based on AI technology, titled EPASS360: QoE-aware 360-degree Video Streaming over Mobile Devices (the “Paper”).
[…] Under current home broadband and WiFi environments, this new system solution will predict the allocation rate according to the user’s visual field to ensure that the user sees a clear and smooth picture when watching panoramic videos.
The main purpose of application for the EPASS360 solution of panoramic video streaming media system is to create the best viewing experience for users. At present, panoramic videos, including VR short films that are iQIYI IP-spinoffs, […] have been launched in the iQIYI VR App, while 360-degree panoramic videos have been made available on Qiyu VR headset products.