Lionsgate und Unity Technologies veröffentlichen eine Virtual-Reality-Werbung für den Kinostart von Jigsaw, dem nächsten Film der Horror-Blockbuster-Reihe Saw.


Lionsgate Entertainment

(Technologie-) Partner

Unity Technologies



Relevante Passage:

Unity Technologies, the leading creation engine for gaming and interactive entertainment and global content leader Lionsgate today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind virtual reality (VR) advertisement for the theatrical release of Jigsaw, the next film in the blockbuster Saw horror franchise. Built on Unity, the new Jigsaw Virtual Room interactive ad format is created within the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) emerging ad experience guidelines and will surface in VR apps made with Unity. The Jigsaw Virtual Room is truly an authentic experience, featuring real props from the movie rendered in VR, custom voice-over from Jigsaw-himself, actor Tobin Bell, and even includes shrines to each of the eight films in the Saw franchise. The Jigsaw Virtual Room is a scalable ad, offering an immersive VR experience that is complemented with mobile video across Unity’s massive ad platform. By running the movie trailer in addition to the Virtual Room, Lionsgate will reach millions of fans through this one program.