Live Sportübertragungen bei der man über AR auf dem Handy zusätzliche Infos einblenden kann.



(Technologie-) Partner

Quintar, Q.reality


nicht implementiert

Relevante Passage:

AR sports entertainment company Quintar and AT&T are partnering to change the way you watch live sports by allowing you access to AR content in arenas and sports venues as the games are being played using AT&T 5G network. The fan technology platform promises to be a gamechanger for sports entertainment by reinventing how you experience live games. Instead of having to look up at the jumbotron for stats or replays during the game, you’ll instead use your mobile device to access AR content layered over the real world in real-time. This could be anything from playbook graphics and player stats to various other information you might see while watching the game at home on your TV. This will be achieved using a first-of-its-kind platform called Q.reality.