Mediaset SpA nimmt an dem europäischen Projekt “Hyper 360” teil, um ein Toolkit für die Produktion von Mixed-Reality-Videos mit 360°-Technologie anzubieten


Mediaset SpA

(Technologie-) Partner

Engineering Ingegneria, Informatica S.p.A., Drukka KFT, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb), Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V., Centre for Research and Technology Hellas – Information Technologies Institute (CERTH), Joanneum Research, Eurokleis s.r.l.



Relevante Passage:
European “HYPER 360” project : […] The objective is to offer a complete toolkit for the production of virtual reality (VR) videos using 360° technology, which can be enhanced with 3D storytelling elements – such as a mentor to guide users in their experience of the video – or targeted and interactive advertising content. Mediaset, together with the German broadcaster RBB, is participating in the project and is responsible for implementing and producting pilots. Mediaset will specifically deal with advertising contexts, whereas RBB will deal with journalism contexts.
Hyper360 is aimed at Introducing a complete solution for the capture, production, enhancement, delivery and consumption of an innovative free viewpoint video (FVV) media format to the OTT media sectors, through careful validation and large demonstrations. Envisioning increasingly immersive experiences, the convergence of omnidirectional (360°) and 3D content will extend current short productions of 360°videos with novel and powerful storytelling opportunities.