Mit der App “NOS TV” lässt sich der Fernsehbildschirm virtuell an eine andere Stelle platzieren.



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The app NOS TV for HoloLens takes advantage of the users’ line of sight allowing them to open and place TV screens wherever they may desire, thusly creating and enjoying an interactive experience with their home entertainment, that is both immersive and personalized. With NOS TV for HoloLens, the users can project any contents they could be watching on the television screen onto the real-world environment around them. […] NOS Holo Sport, a solution in development, combines the sports viewing with virtual interactive content, adding to the experience of watching a sports game, weather data and infographics in real-time.

NOS LAUNCHES AUGMENTED REALITY ON TELEVISION AND ANTICIPATES THE ENTERTAINMENT OF THE FUTURE. NOS is launching its TV app for Microsoft’s HoloLens and becomes the first operator in Portugal to offer television contents in augmented reality. […] NOS customers, using holographic glasses developed by Microsoft, will be able to use NOS TV, taking advantage of their line of vision to put service windows wherever they want, and so create and benefit from an interactive experience with the television that is even more personalised and immersive.