„NFL on NickPlay“ macht durch Animationen während der Ausstrahlung Football-Übertragung „kinderfreundlicher“. 



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For this year’s NFL Wild Card game between the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints, CBS Sports and the NFL opted to try something different with a kid-friendly broadcast on Nickelodeon.
With over 2 million viewers tuning in on Jan. 10, 2021, the broadcast included a variety of augmented reality enhancements to make the game more appropriate for the network.

After taking home a pair of Sports Emmys for last year’s NFL Wild Card Game coverage, CBS Sports and Nickelodeon are back with another innovative simulcast for Sunday’s 49ers-Cowboys matchup. The alternative presentation (the traditional broadcast will air on CBS) will once again be driven by a surfeit of enhanced graphics and augmented-reality elements featuring Nickelodeon characters and the network’s signature green slime. This year, however, these elements will be available in real time and on first replays for the first time.