“Notre Dame: After the Fire”: Immersives AR-Erlebnis, das ein 3D-Modell der Kathedrale zeigt und Informationen darüber gibt, welcher Bereich betroffen war.


USA Today (Gannett Co.)

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Earlier this morning, USA TODAY released Notre Dame: After the Fire, an immersive AR experience that provides an explanation of what portions of the 12-century cathedral survived, as well as the current restoration efforts planned for the iconic gothic structure. Accessible via the official USA TODAY app–available for free on both iOS and Android, the experience generates a detailed 3D model of the massive cathedral which users can resize, rotate, and place on any flat surface in their real world environment.
By clicking on several notifications located next to key elements of the building–such as its two towers, flying buttresses, and iconic spire–you can access information regarding how that particular area was affected by the blaze, as well as some brief history surrounding its structural purpose and development.