Sender versucht über VR/AR die Zuschauer der Sendung in einen Raum zu setzten, sodass sie zusammen fernsehen können


Nippon Hoso Kyukai TV

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We studied the concept of services that will offer new user experiences to viewers by using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies from two different approaches: “By AR/VR,” which provides new viewing experiences by combining existing technologies, and “For AR/VR,” which implements technologies that have yet to be introduced and newly developed technologies. We also developed a delivery technology for volumetric data to realize AR/VR content delivery using the convergence of broadcasting and telecommunications. As the concept of a new TV viewing service utilizing AR technology, we investigated a space sharing service that allows the viewer to enjoy watching TV together with family and friends at distant locations while feeling the presence of TV performers nearby as if they have come out of the TV screen. In this service, 3D images of TV performers, family and friends at distant locations and the viewer himself/herself in the past are synthesized and displayed in their actual size in a space viewed through AR glasses or a tablet terminal. We proposed the viewing style in which the viewer watches TV while sharing the space with TV performers, family and friends beyond space and time