Sony Pictures Entertainment hat für den Film “Escape Room” eine interaktive 360°-Werbekampagne erstellt.


Sony Pictures Entertainment

(Technologie-) Partner

OmniVirt, Pretty Big Monsters, Stradella Road



Relevante Passage:

Virtual reality (VR) has become very popular for its immersive experience. And one of the first things that come to mind as we speak about VR is escape room games. They’re also quite popular especially among our millennials who spend hours finding clues in escaping rooms. It’s these great immersive and engaging factors that inspired Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) to come up with their movie – “Escape Room”. And to promote Escape Room, SPE partnered with VR/AR ad platform OmniVirt and creative agencies Pretty Big Monster & Stradella Road for a 360-degree online interactive advertising campaign.