Sony Pictures Entertainment setzt Augmented Reality für das Marketing des Films “Jumanji: The Next Level” ein.


Sony Pictures Entertainment

(Technologie-) Partner

Amazon Web Services, Trigger, 8th Wall



Relevante Passage:

Sony Pictures Digital Marketing Raises The Stakes On Augmented Reality With “Jumanji: The Next Level” Campaign. […] The team at Sony Pictures Digital Marketing is putting moviegoers in their shoes by taking augmented reality, social media, and social gaming to the next level with a wide-ranging digital campaign promoting the release of the movie. […] In a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the studio encourages fans to visit, one of the first voice-activated AR experiences on the web, where they can go deeper into the world of Jumanji than ever before. Built by Trigger – The Mixed Reality Agency®, and powered by AWS and 8th Wall, users who visit the website can say “show me Jumanji” to reveal exclusive content in the immersive Web AR experience.