Spotify und Coca Cola kooperieren für “Play a Coke”, um den kanadischen Cola-Flaschen mittels AR einen Hauch von Musik zu verleihen


Spotify Technology S.A.

(Technologie-) Partner

Coca-Cola, Blippar



Relevante Passage:

Now as part of a returning marketing campaign Play a Coke, Coca-Cola and Spotify have teamed up to give Canadians a taste not only of cola and music but of AR as well. Originating as a team up with well known AR advetising and marketing company Blippar back in 2014, which involved specially printed cans. The current iteration sees users able to download an app from either the iTunes or Google stores in that on seeing a promotional label on a Coca-Cola or Sprite bottle plays one of 189 Spotify playlists such with such names as BBQ Time and Nothing But Net. Once unlocked the user can save th playlist and enjoy it for the length of the Summer.