TF1 bietet seinen Zuschauer:innen mittels AR, VR & MR ein immersives Erlebnis zur Spielanalyse bei der Berichterstattung über die UEFA Euro 2020



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Vizrt XR Playbook offers broadcasters different visual storytelling and sports analysis tools, including virtual, augmented, mixed and extended reality graphics, and videowall control. Thanks to the solution, TF1‘s audience enters fully rendered virtual stadiums and is immersed in the match action by the hand of the analysts, who are able to control both replays and the point of view of the plays, among other elements.

Using Vizrt XR Playbook, TF1 audiences are taken on a journey into fully rendered virtual stadiums and immersed into critical game action where analysts control the replay, viewpoint, and other cutting-edge graphics features with a set of easy-to-use tools, further enhancing audience understanding of the action.