TF1 schafft mittels “Reality Virtual Studio” ein virtuelles Erlebnis des Ersten Weltkriegs zur Feier des 100. Jahrestages des Waffenstillstands.



(Technologie-) Partner

Zero Density, Dreamwall



Relevante Passage:

Reality Virtual Studio enables an epic journey to the history, marking the 100th year of the Armistice Day that ended WWI. France’s TF1 commemorated the day with a program that revolutionized story-telling. TF1 “entered” a trench on the front line to tell the daily life at the heat of the war. […] TF1 anchor also took the audience to the The Wagon, the train carriage in which the First and Second Armistice at Compiègne were signed. All the historical individuals were present around the table as TF1 provided an incredible viewing experince for the audience.