TF1’s Format “Le Mag” zur Fußball Weltmeisterschaft 2018 bietet seinen Zuschauer:innen einen virtuellen Besuch des Sochi Stadiums und ein einzigartiges immersives Erlebnis



(Technologie-) Partner

Zero Density, Dreamwall



Relevante Passage:

Reality Virtual Studio […] enabled TF1 to give its audience a VIP virtual visit to the Sochi stadium with its outstanding supporters during daytime and nighttime. […] Presentation of the teams is one of the many virtual scenes created by Dreamwall powered by Zero Density’s Reality. The intricate details of players’ shadows and their feet in the grass created full immersion into the field.

French broadcaster TF1 is utilizing a hybrid set for its 2018 FIFA World Cup coverage, taking viewers inside the Sochi soccer stadium while broadcasting from afar. […] Along with the stadium portion, virtual sequences recreate the French football team’s accommodations in Russia, allowing Brogniart to virtually visit them.