“The Wall” VR-Erlebnis, das die Pläne des Präsidenten Donald Trump zum Bau einer Mauer entlang der Grenze zwischen USA und Mexiko visualisiert.


USA Today (Gannett Co.)

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Relevante Passage:

“The Wall” is the network’s most advanced use of virtual-reality storytelling to date, enabling viewers to have “on the ground” experiences to see what the border looks like in three locations. […] The three on-the-ground experiences for “The Wall” allow you to immerse yourself into a virtual representation of three locations along the border: […] In addition to the virtual reality, you can also experience a dozen videos and accompanying slideshows that capture stories along the border. One is the story of U.S. citizen Selene Ramirez as she searches for her brother, who went missing days after he crossed the border illegally into the U.S.