User können über Avatar in einer Lounge warten und einen Film in einem virtuellen Theater ansehen.


Paramount Pictures

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Successful virtual reality business models have been slower out of the gate than many observers expected, but one scenario that always seemed to have promise was using VR to replicate big, spacious viewing experiences for live events, sports and concerts for people who can’t attend in person. That’s the theory of the case adopted by Bigscreen, a Bay Area startup that today announced a partnership with Paramount Pictures to distribute classic 2D and 3D films through the company’s social VR movie-watching platform.

Bigscreen is an amazing app that lets you watch movies, play PC games, and hang out with your friends in social VR chat rooms. It’s also a great platform for remote collaboration by allowing workers to connect with one another via virtual meeting rooms where they can share their computer screens and communicate on a more intimate level.
As if that weren’t enough already, a newly announced multi-year partnership with Paramount Pictures will soon transform Bigscreen into the ultimate movie watching experience.