VR-Erlebnis zum Film „Interstellar“. 


Paramount Pictures

(Technologie-) Partner

Framestore Studio



Relevante Passage:

We created a 4D Virtual Reality experience using the Oculus Rift to take fans deeper into the world of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar.’ Touring across the US at IMAX theaters fans were invited to climb on board The Endurance spaceship and explore in zero gravity as they began their space adventure.

Adding to the publicity drip-feed is a touring virtual reality experience, developed for Paramount Pictures by the Oscar-winning creative and VFX studio Framestore, or more specifically, its recently-launched VR division. Created using the Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2 and the Unreal 4 real-time 3D engine, the Interstellar Experience aims to give participants a serene taste of space exploration aboard the movie’s signature space craft, the Endurance. Sitting back in an armchair chair and donning VR headset and headphones, they’re immersed in a painstakingly modelled and rendered recreation of the cockpit and networked areas of the ship, experiencing a guided tour that leads them – in virtual zero gravity – through the environment, with objects floating by, both inside the craft and out in space.