VR-Nachrichtensendung “VRtually There” mit einer Bandbreite an Themen wie Politik, Sport, Technik und Finanzen. Die Nachrichtensendung wird wöchentlich auf Gannett Webseiten und YouTube veröffentlicht.


USA Today (Gannett Co.)

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Gannett published the first episode of its weekly virtual reality news show “VRtually There” on Thursday, complete with a new virtual reality ad unit it’s calling the “cubemercial.” […] In terms of editorial content, “VRtually There” promises to cover a range of topics including politics, sports, technology and finance. It’ll be published on a weekly basis across Gannett properties and on YouTube, and Gannett claims it is the first regular news program developed specifically for VR. Emmy-winning producer David Hamlin was hired from National Geographic to drive the show’s editorial direction.